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Wallace A. Russell Memorial Lecture

The Wallace A. Russell Fund was established in 1999 by the friends and family of Wallace A. Russell (1922-1997), late Professor of Psychology at the University of South Florida, to support a Memorial Lecture on the History of Psychology annually at the meeting of the Society for the History of Psychology.

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2023 No Lecture

2022 Alexandra Rutherford

2021 No Lecture

2020 Paul Croce

2019 Harry Heft

2018 No Lecture

2017 Sarah S. Richardson

2016 No Lecture

2015 Marga Vicedo

2014 Rachael Rosner

2013 Wayne Viney

2012 John C. Burnham

2011 Donald Routh

2010 Christopher D. Green

2009 Bernard Lightman

2008 Jerome Kagan

2007 Andrew S. Winston

2006 Leila Zenderland

2005 Robert C. Fuller

2004 David Leary

2003 Eugene Taylor

2002 Kurt Danziger

2001 Michael Sokal

2000 Donald A. Dewsbury

1999 Ludy T. Benjamin, Jr.

SHP gratefully acknowledges the following donors for their generous contributions to the Wallace A. Russell fund:

Wayne Viney