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Mary Whiton Calkins Lecture

The Mary Whiton Calkins lecture was established in 1994 to commemorate the first woman president of APA. This lecture series serves as a forum for historical scholarship on under-represented groups in the history of psychology, such as women or ethnic minorities, or on alternative, marginalized perspectives on the history of psychology. The lecture is presented annual at the meeting of the Society for the History of Psychology.

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2023 Peter Hegarty

2022 Elissa Rodkey

2021 Diana Louis

2020 Susan P. Mattern

2019 Jennifer Scott

2018 Miroslava Chávez-García

2017 No Lecture

2016 Lorraine Radtke

2015 Katie Kilroy-Marac

2014 Roger Smith

2013 Katharine Milar

2012 Jill Morawski

2011 Olivia Hooker

2010 Stephanie Shields

2009 Lorraine Code

2008 Anne Harrington

2007 Layli Phillips

2006 Joanne Meyerowitz

2005 Andrew Heinze

2004 Elizabeth Scarborough

2003 Molly Ladd-Taylor

2002 Alison Winter

2001 Phillip Cushman

2000 Katherine Pandora

1999 Robert Guthrie

1998 Jeane Marecek

1997 Janis Bohan

1996 Ellen Herman

1995 Mary Brown Parlee

1994 Gail Hornstein

SHP gratefully acknowledges the following donors for their generous contributions to the Mary Whiton Calkins Fund:

David W. Carroll

Raymond E. Fancher

Sybillynn Jennings

Alexandra Rutherford

Laurence Smith

Andrew Winston