SHP Division 26

SHP Annual Meeting

The Society for the History of Psychology meets during the American Psychological Association Convention held annually in August. Program submissions, registration, and additional meeting details are accessed on the APA website.

Call for Proposals

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Annual Meeting Program

Announcement of Annual Meeting

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2023 Program Chair


Past Program Chairs

2009 Thomas Teo
2008 Russell Kosits
2007 Alexandra Rutherford
2006 Donald Dewsbury
2005 Ian Nicolson
2004 Debra Sue Pate
2003 Trey Buchanan
2002 Andrew Winston
2001 Rachael Rosner
2000 Charles Early
1999 Katharine Milar
1998 Wade Pickren
1997 Christopher Green
1996 Adrian Brock and Kurt Danziger
1995 Donald A. Dewsbury
1994 Laurel Furumoto and Betty Bayer
1993 Henry L. Minton
1992 Wayne Viney
1991 Raymond E. Fancher
1990 William E. Wilsoncroft
1989 James L. Pate
1988 Charles E. Early and James L. Pate
1987 Alfred Fuchs
1986 Jill G. Morawski
1985 Laurence Smith
1984 William R. Woodward
1983 Rand Evans
1982 Richard Lerner
1981 David E. Leary
1980 Fairfield Caudle
1979 Elizabeth Scarborough Goodman
1978 Wayne Viney
1977 Elizabeth Scarborough Goodman
1976 Bryan Laver
1975 Virginia Staudt Sexton
1974 Barbara Ross
1973 Klaus Riegel
1972 Rand Evans
1971 John Sullivan
1970 Robert G. Weyant
1969 Wallace A. Russell
1968 Mary Henle
1967 David Krantz